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One thing that most of us can agree on is that to achieve any form of meaningful fat loss you have to be in a CALORIE DEFICIT.

However this is not always enough when it comes to working with female clients. In my experience I have found macronutrients (protein, fats & carbs) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) have greater importance on a fat loss journey with women.

Women are more susceptible to anxiety than men and also have to deal with monthly menstruation and in 70% of cases child birth. The female body has very specific requirements for each of these scenarios. Now throw in increasing cases of conditions like PCOS and hypothyroidism and if you don't have a solid understanding of nutrition, you could easily see yourself continuing to struggle to manage your weight. To top this off combine any of the both with peri and post menopause and fat loss just gets harder and harder.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

What if I told you the foods you eat could be affecting the heaviness of your periods and the intensity of your cramps? What if you knew there was a way to reduce symptoms from conditions like PCOS and even hypothyroidism or anxiety with just a few simple dietary hacks? (I've seen HUGE improvements with female clients in each of the above scenarios).

On average, women need roughly 500 calories a day less than men, on top of that if you are short (height wise), your calorie requirements are reduced AGAIN. Now throw in any of the above conditions and this number can reduce EVEN FURTHER if the root cause isn't addressed...

You can already see how takeaways and eating out recklessly can hurt female progress WAAAAY more than male progress

Most women I speak to have tried almost everything... They've either done programs or diets that involve:

1. Extremely low calories and a very low carbohydrate intake

2. Shake diets (Seriously.. If a ‘trainer’ is saying you need to do this…. RUN.. Run as fast as possible in the opposite direction)

3. Points systems that don't teach you a dam thing about calories

If any of the above 3 sound familiar, take a moment to ask yourself.. HOW MUCH money do you think you have spent so far on trying to lose weight with the above 'solutions'?

Now ask yourself how LONG you have spent trying to do this and not reaped the benefits because you've been unsure of what you should be doing and have no idea how you should be eating LONG TERM for YOUR body in YOUR personal circumstances.

Many of you will realise you've already spent thousands over the course of several years and either lost SOME of the weight, then gained it back OR worse...

Never achieved meaningful results in the first place.

That's simply because most programs aren't designed with your long term success in mind.. Most programs are designed to give you JUST enough for you to get the results while you are on them, but fail to prepare you for long term success. Why?

Because they know there's a high chance you will gain back everything you lost and more and will keep coming back to them.

Did you know that over 95% of people who have success with fat loss, gain it all back again inside 3 years? This is a seriously concerning figure. It tells me that most people haven't quite got the process right and haven't been exposed to the proper aftercare support they need to help them to come out the other side of a diet after their fat loss.

To put it bluntly... If you've worked with a coach, trainer or were part of an organisation that promotes weight loss programs and went all in with it, but still ended up here reading this, was that program REALLY value for money?

The most important thing I explain to new clients or people sitting on the fence is:

1. It will NEVER be the 'perfect' moment to start anything.

2. Self investing is always scary when the goal is huge. It's normal to feel nervous or apprehensive when making a decision. Each time I've invested big to expand my own education, I see my client's results improve drastically. Luckily I live for that feeling when someone I've helped completes their journey and is a completely different person both physically AND mentally.

3. If you don't take action, someone else will. And the reality is.. The person reaping the benefits SHOULD BE YOU.

4. The one thing you can NEVER get back is TIME. Will you be asking ‘what if’ a few years from now or smiling looking back on your progress and recognising you're a freaking badass for how far you've come?

Don't settle for average when the body you truly deserve could be right around the corner. Want to find out how your life could change in just a few months?

Together we’ll help you get clarity on exactly what you need to go from where you are right now to where you want to be. Imagine the feeling when your health is no longer a concern.. Instead you’re bursting with new found confidence, a new outlook and of course a new wardrobe.

None of it has to be complicated.. When the science is taken care of for you all you have to do is show up, listen and follow the proven formula. Your career is top notch… There’s no reason your health shouldn’t be too.

Speak soon.



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