Lift Your Way To The Ultimate Mind-Body Transformation

Our female clients come to us with a specific goal...

We help them THRIVE

  • Keeping on top of the demands of a successful career or business, maintaining a family, hectic schedule AND getting in shape is no easy task.

  • With so much misinformation on female health, it's difficult to know what methods actually work and create LASTING results.

  • On top of that, metabolic and hormonal differences in women mean it's much HARDER to achieve meaningful fat loss without a bulletproof plan in place.

  • Thankfully, here at LJL Fitness, working with female clients is something we're well versed in. Whatever your situation, it's likely we've seen it and can help you overcome it.

  • When your motivation dips, we'll be in your corner ready to hold you accountable and steer you back on track.

  • No more chasing after miracle diets or 'cleanses'. Just a SIMPLE plan for you to follow and achieve your health and fitness goals.​

Athletic woman with kettlebell doing a l

WARNING: Side Effects May Include Dropping Several Dress Sizes...

  • At LJL Fitness the process behind our female transformations is driven by the science.

  • We show you how an intelligently designed resistance training program is a key puzzle piece in creating lasting results and almost always superior to slow cardio exercises when it comes to fat loss.

  • You'll discover how to apply the right methods to experience the AFTERBURN EFFECT and continue to shred calories​ long after your workouts are completed.

  • You'll begin experiencing renewed confidence and enjoy feeling a tighter, firmer, stronger body as the fat melts away.

BREAK the cycle. Achieve lasting results once and for all

  • The women we work with are READY to break the stop start cycle and take control of their health once and for all.

  • They recognise they are unique and that a personally tailored approach is the best way to achieve their goals.

  • A slimmer waist and toned body are incredible motivators for them to change, but the transformations our female clients experience go so much deeper.

  • Many women report having a renewed positive outlook on life, feeling less stressed and anxious and far more energetic and positive after working with us.

  • We enjoy high client success rates because we focus on creating the BEST possible coaching environment for you to THRIVE.

  • We eliminate the confusion and provide a clear, step by step blueprint, tailored to YOU to ensure you WIN.

  • We provide nutrition and supplementation support where needed and ensure your training experience EVOLVES as you progress.

  • We ensure there is FLEXIBILITY within our programs to ensure they compliment your personal schedule and motivation remains high throughout.

Empowering women to take control of their health

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" I'm down 3 dress sizes... "

I've lost over 2 stone, am the strongest I've ever been and have a much better relationship with food. Leon made me realise I could eat a lot more than I thought and still lose weight! He is the best trainer I have ever worked with.

" From feeling fat to FAB... "

I've lost over 2 stone and can now do full push ups and chin ups! I'm down 3 dress sizes and my blood pressure and cholesterol are now healthy.  The training is a complete level above anything I've experienced before. My confidence is back!

" I'm ready for my wedding... "

I'm so happy with what I've achieved over a short period of time and can't wait until the big day when I'll be looking my best. I've learned a ton about training and nutrition. A big thank you to Leon for being an awesome trainer!

TRANSFORM your mind & body... SUSTAIN the results