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Now I’m not usually one to eavesdrop 😊… But I remember overhearing a conversation in the gym between 2 members talking about their weight loss struggles and the phrase, 'I'll just cut out carbs again' came up…. I was in the middle of a session with a client at the time so it wouldn’t have been appropriate for me to put my focus on anyone else… But what became clear to me was…

The carb misconception lives on to this day.

I’m going to save you a LOT of time and heartache and tell you this…

Research has shown there is NO long term difference in fat loss between a high carb and low fat diet, or a low carb and high fat diet… when protein intake remained consistent...


There have been SEVERAL studies which show this. A quick google search will bring up the research if you feel so inclined.

So why is cutting carbs almost ALWAYS the first option people turn to for fat loss?

Well, technically it is the easiest food to reduce. It's quite hard to eat a high number of calories from protein as it is so filling. But with carbohydrates it is very easy to over eat and over consume if you don't learn how to moderate your amounts. Also... in my experience, higher body fat percentages are often linked with poorer tolerance of carbohydrates, so the idea of reducing them does indeed come from a logical place.

‘But Leon you literally just said the low carb thing is a myth’

That I did… So what should you do?


You need to find out where your metabolism is currently. How many calories do you need to MAINTAIN your current weight? This is specific to YOU. This can be affected by various factors like your current height, weight, genetics, dieting history, existing medical conditions, gut health (this is important as it affects how well you ABSORB nutrients) and current fitness level.

Once you figure that out you then need to address your PROTEIN intake. Sooo many people get this wrong. Most people I work with actually eat too little protein and too much of everything else… As for the amount of protein… Once you understand how to calculate the right amount so your results can be optimal, you can move on to…

Split the remaining calories between HEALTHY fats and carbohydrates.

This is relatively easy to calculate, but a little harder to put into practice. Most people take their calories TOO low. This can be TERRIBLE for fat loss, cause depleting energy levels and negatively affect your metabolism and hormones in the long run.

There’s a skill to getting all of the above in a balance.. Dare I say an ART. And once you know how to paint your ideal picture.. Create YOUR ideal body, the process becomes ENJOYABLE and is easy to stick with to the end.

Each week you'll chip away at that body fat as you become a little stronger.. A little more confident.. A bit more powerful…

Sounds good doesn’t it? Your very own health movie trailer.

But here’s the reality..

You can invest months, even years testing various eating styles and training methods and experiment on yourself hoping you have the will to stay the course long enough to find what I call ‘the sweet spot’ where it all comes together, then apply this on yourself and hope for results. It’s what I personally did at the beginning of my career and can be done if you have plenty of free time, a LOT of patience and a solid understanding of how to find and interpret relevant scientific research.


Invest in coaching… Work with someone who already knows all of the above, has proven they can TEACH others how to apply the knowledge and can actually show you RESULTS... Like these.

(See what I did there?)

I’m in the business of transforming lives and LOVE my job. And to ensure it stays that way I only work with people I know I'll get along with who are willing to give 100% effort. That’s exactly why I always offer an initial consultation and complimentary session so we can get to know each other better first.

Those who are READY to show up coachable and put in the required work, usually see EXCEPTIONAL success with LJL fitness programs.

If that sounds like you, I want to hear from you. We'll see if we can help you figure out what’s keeping you stuck right now and how to move forward to permanent, lasting change.

Speak soon


P.S My clients manage their calories in a way that is sustainable, supports their hormones and allows them to have a social life while ENJOYING a variety of carbs! It requires a bit of work on their part, but the rewards are priceless.

PPS There’s literally no reason to follow the crowd and eat chicken and broccoli all day. You'll be relieved to know it NEVER has to be that boring.


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