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I know the majority of people wish they could change the shape of their body.. Wouldn't mind being a little leaner and having more energy, greater focus, more confidence in their clothes...

This isn't news. But one thing that most people struggle with is the misconception that your social life is 'OVER'. People worry about being that boring friend that always orders a salad at a different place when their friends are having a burger.

Well guess what.


In this day and age restaurants understand people are in general more health conscious and have provided a variety of options that ARE tasty and moderate to low in calories. Take the meal in the photo for example. This is from Frankie and Benny's. Now these guys aren't famous for their breakfasts. I doubt they get a whole load of people placing this particular order from their breakfast menu but the good lady and I ordered a 4 egg omelette (approx 30grams protein) with salad and added smashed avocado on the side.

A wonderful protein and fat based breakfast

Now there were options for pancakes covered in maple syrup and I could have opted for the delicious sounding burger with sausage bacon and the full works, but that option wasn't in line with my personal goals. And in no way do I feel like I missed out by ordering an omelette over a burger.

This is just one example of a variety of restaurants that now provide healthier alternatives to your usual 'junk'. The point being...

Your social life can absolutely remain intact

'OK though Leon that's great an all but sometimes I just want a burger though...'

Let me let you in on a little secret.. If my clients want a burger... they have it! If I want a burger... I have it! The key thing here is planning.

Let's say for example you are losing body fat on a 2000 calorie a day diet, but you know in advance you are meeting friends at the weekend to go to a burger place. You also know your calories on this day may end up say nearer 2800.

For those whose strongest subject isn't maths, this puts you 800 calories over where you want to be.

Now with regards to calorie intake the most important factor is your WEEKLY CALORIE INTAKE.

2000 calories a day target = 2000 x 7 (days in a week) = 14000 calories per week

So again, you know you will be 800 calories over.. Does this mean your week is over and you should throw in the fat loss towel? HELL NO!

You could for example simply eat 1600 calories in the 2 days before you go for the meal with your friends (400 calories less than your daily target) which would balance things out again!


2000 + 2000+ 2000

is the same as

1600 + 1600 +2800

It really is that simple!

Now I'm not for one second suggesting you should eat out more regularly now and consume burgers several times a week. You still need to consider your overall health. But what I am saying is that if every now and then you want to eat what you want to eat..

If you plan properly it shouldn't affect your fat loss goals.


So to summarise....

If you can't see yourself giving up takeaways or dining out anytime soon, but also serious about making changes to your body, just focus on healthy alternatives the majority of the time, and that odd burger really won't stall your overall progress.

Speak soon.



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