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Get Ready to Optimise Your Health





  • You're enjoying success in your professional career, but your health hasn't been your number one priority and is lagging behind.

  • You've seen the conflicting information on the best way to get in shape and simply don't have valuable time to spend trying to figure out everything on your own.

  • You look in the mirror and recognise your waist needs to drop a few inches and it's not something you can keep putting off.

  • You realise allowing things to continue as they are is no longer on the table. You wouldn't accept mediocrity in your profession, and it has no place in the equation of your health.

  • You need a PROVEN system to follow that eliminates the confusion and provides simple, step by step guidance to get results WITHOUT extreme dieting or hours of cardio.

  • You're READY to take full control of your health and experience frequent energy bursts, surges in productivity and create a strong, lean body you're proud of.



The ULTIMATE 4 Month Health Coaching Program for health conscious executives and entrepreneurs.


 Experience REAL RESULTS no matter where you are in the world and enjoy TIME EFFICIENT training in your chosen environment. Watch your waistline shrink as you become stronger, leaner and healthier WITHOUT the fad diets.



Learn how to consume the right fuel for your body, explode your energy levels and accelerate your results.

Croped image of sideview beautiful fit g


Build multi-directional strength and injury resilience as you drop the fat and create a body you're proud of.



Uncover the unique formula to take control of your health and experience life changing results.

" A Unique, Results Driven, Client Centred Training Experience... "

TRANS4ORM at your location of choice

Experience Lasting results no matter where you are in the world. We'll create your bespoke health plan using the equipment you have available to you. Whether you are in the gym, training from home or even abroad, your program can be adapted to accommodate the circumstances.

Dumbbells on desk with free space for yo
Attractive young woman exercising on row

TRAIN on your own schedule

No need to worry about booking a slot in our personal calendar when you are ready to exercise. Complete your bespoke training plan on the days of your choosing at the times that suit you best. 5am? 9pm? You decide. We'll show you how to become highly efficient with whatever time you have available.

TRACK your essential health KPIs

We'll be monitoring the key aspects of your progress and providing the support and accountability you to need to achieve results of the highest calibre. We'll simplify the training, nutrition and lifestyle habits you need to adjust to claim your dream body and take control of your health once and for all.

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EXCLUSIVE access to the LJL Fitness Elite Online Training System

We've spent years developing and refining the base formula to make sure you achieve results of the highest standard. No more BS 'quick fixes'. The LJL Fitness Elite Online Training System respects the way humans were designed to move and provides optimum results in the fastest sustainable time.

Profile view of a young and fit man doin

Your Exclusive Coaching Package


  • Initial Needs Analysis Assessment

  • Behavioural & Lifestyle Coaching & Support

  • Direct Access to Leon

  • Live 121 Coaching Calls

  • Detailed Progress Tracking

  • Personalised Nutritional Guidance

  • Unique Training Plan

  • Simplified Scientific Principles

  • The Ultimate Proven Holistic Formula for Your Success


woman fitness weights excercises silhoue
one caucasian man exercising fitness wei

You have a BURNING DESIRE to improve your health, drop body fat, and keep it off long term WITHOUT fad diets.

You're tired of being stuck in your current habits and are READY to show up COACHABLE and COMMITTED to achieve your end goal.

You're done having to carefully assess if an item of clothing will 'sit right' around your stomach. You're READY to drop a few notches on the belt buckle and sky rocket your confidence.

You're a DECISIVE person. If you believe something can solve your problem, you don't procrastinate, you take action.

Your partner or spouse understands that taking control of your health is a HIGH PRIORITY for you and SUPPORTS your decision to do something about it.  

You're not interested in temporary 'quick fixes'. You want REAL LASTING RESULTS you can actually sustain.


You recognise if you don't get help... Things will likely stay exactly as they are or worse... and that's not something you're willing to tolerate any longer.

A Proven System Tailored to Your Personal Needs


Gurjit Before after logo.jpg

" I'm ready for my wedding... "

I'm so happy with what I've achieved over a short period of time and can't wait until the big day when I'll be looking my best. I've learned a ton about training and nutrition. A big thank you to Leon for being an awesome trainer!

Cijo before after logo blurred.jpg

" I've dropped 18kg... "

I went from being out of shape and lethargic to lean and energetic. Working with Leon is probably the best decision I've ever made for my health. The program wasn't easy, but his coaching and guidance has been life changing for me.

J Transformation 75.jpg

" From feeling fat to FAB... "

I've lost over 2 stone and can now do full push ups and chin ups! I'm down 3 dress sizes and my blood pressure and cholesterol are now healthy. The training experience is a complete level above anything I've seen before. My confidence is back!

doug side photo logo.jpg

" I've lost over 10kg... "

I've lost over 8cm on my waist, dropped over 10kg and am still increasing my physical strength. I like having the flexibility to be able to enjoy the occasional beer or takeaway without worrying about it affecting my results.

Kasia before after BLURRED logo.jpg

" I'm down 3 dress sizes... "

I've lost over 2 stone, am the strongest I've ever been and have a much better relationship with food. Leon made me realise I could eat a lot more than I thought and still lose weight! He is the best trainer I have ever worked with.

Imran blur 2 logo.jpg

" I lost fat and built muscle... "

I learned a great deal about nutrition, different training styles, intensity and consistency. There are no shortcuts. It is hard work and you need to be disciplined, but you're guaranteed results if you follow Leon's advice. He simplifies the process.


Achieve life changing results with The Elite Body Club Online. Transform your body and maximise your potential. Become your BEST version.


Schedule A Call With Us


Select a time slot at your convenience to book an initial breakthrough call with us.  Next, you will be redirected to fill out an online consultation form so we can prepare for the call and make sure your goals are a good fit for the services we provide.


Let's Talk

Discuss your goals with us on your breakthrough call. We'll help you get clarity on exactly what it is you want to achieve and help you figure out what's currently holding you back. Next, we'll discuss the best plan of action for you to achieve the fastest results.

one caucasian man exercising fitness wei
one caucasian woman exercising  fitness


Let's Go...

If it's a good fit... This is where your journey begins. We'll provide the coaching, support and hold you accountable, and in return you just need to give 100% and be prepared to work outside of your comfort zone. Follow our advice and you will exceed your own expectations.

Stop settling for average. Get the body you deserve.

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