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Taking Executives & Entrepreneurs From Out of Shape, to Strong, Lean & Healthy WITHOUT Fad diets...

  • The sea of information out there on diet and exercise can be OVERWHELMING and make it near impossible to figure out where to begin. What type of training is best? How often? Light or heavy weight? Is keto the best diet? Low carb? Low fat? Vegan?

  • It's FRUSTRATING being unable to fully appreciate who you see when you look in the mirror, especially when you know you would be in better shape if you just had the right GUIDANCE.

  • The thought of your health being exactly the same as it is right now or WORSE in the coming years makes you a little nervous. You're at a point where you recognise if you don't start respecting your body now, when will you?​

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Stop Settling For Average. Get the body you deserve.


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Hi, I'm Leon & I provide Elite Coaching Services for busy executives & entrepreneurs who are READY to take control of their health and lose frustrating body fat without the fad diets.

I excel at helping you figure out EXACTLY how to bridge the gap between where you are stuck right now and where you need to be.


Once I assess your circumstances and uncover the best strategy for you to achieve your health & fitness goals... it's go time. We'll outline a SIMPLE blueprint tailored to your needs so you can experience REAL TRANSFORMATION as fast as possible.

Leon James-Lionel

BSc Sports Science, SQ1™ Certified Pro, FRC Mobility Specialist, BTN Certified Nutrition Coach

LJL Fitness are the FIRST in the UK to implement a brain focussed approach to movement using the Square 1™ System. Combining this unique system with specific targeted exercises allows me to both reduce pain and restore athleticism for my clients faster than most would have you believe is possible.

Whatever you think is stopping you from claiming your ideal body, it's likely I've seen it and can help you overcome it.

You'll learn the PROVEN techniques needed to regain control of your health FOR LIFE and receive the coaching, support and accountability you need to do so.



  • I'm not interested in following what the majority are doing. I'm only interested in showing you what WORKS and produces CONSISTENT RESULTS.

  • The approach to your program is based on SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH and my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE working countless hours with clients.​

  • Be treated as an individual, not a number. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the other, so no part of your training experience with me is left to chance.

  • Receive all the teaching resources you need for success. Just be willing to push yourself... Much of the time this will be outside of your comfort zone.

  • If you show up 100% committed and follow my suggestions, you could be just a few months away from LIFE CHANGING RESULTS.