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Rewire The Brain, Get Out of Pain, Move Well Again




We'll Help You Move With FREEDOM Again

Do you have frustrating pain that just won't seem to go away no matter what you do?

Tired of spending money on lengthy treatments that aren't able to solve your problem?

Worried you'll simply have to 'suck it up' and accept it as something you just have to learn to live with?

At LJL Fitness we hear this all the time; that's why we're proud to be the FIRST in the UK to offer the revolutionary Square 1 SystemWith 80% of our clients experiencing significant results in under four sessions, Square 1 sets the new GOLD STANDARD for reducing your pain AND enhancing your movement quality... FAST.


Many conventional rehab methods don't work because they fail to consider the BRAIN'S role in relation to pain & performance.

Image by Nhia Moua
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We all know muscles can become injured, cause pain and restrict movement. For example, if you hurt your leg, it's likely your recovery would involve initial rest, then move towards progressive strengthening of the muscle to restore it to full function. While well-intended, this approach ignores a CRUCIAL factor...

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The Master Controller

In order for your muscles to contract so you can move, electrical signals are sent from the brain. Past physical stress, trauma and injury can alter these electrical signals and make them less efficient. When this happens, poor movement and pain are typically the end result. Square 1 resets these compromised brain signals. Once this is completed, pain free movement and optimal performance become possible.


The Missing Puzzle Piece

We love seeing our client's reactions when they finally experience relief and can resume their favourite activities. They are often shocked at the speed and precision Square 1 is able to uncover and address the root cause of the problem. 


1. ASSESS Movement Triggers

Restricted movement is linked with your brain perceiving a specific action as 'unsafe'. The first step is for us to figure out what action is currently causing you issues. Is it a squat? Bending forward? Raising a weight above your head? Running? Reaching for your bag? Once we establish this, we can begin to explore and figure out what is causing the brain to view this particular movement as a 'threat'.


Low Back Pain - Trigger Assessment

Loen dorian sq1.png

2. LOCATE the Root Cause of the Problem 

If you have pain or limited movement in a specific area, it doesn't mean that is where the root cause of the problem is. This notion is one of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness industry. In reality, the ENTIRE body is linked. The real issue could come from a completely different area. Wherever it is, we'll find it and show you the EXACT movement your brain is struggling to communicate. There's no guesswork involved.

Knee Pain - Locating the PRECISE Joint Action

3. ENHANCE Neural Signalling Pathways

Now that the real problem area has been located, we'll show you the low intensity movement you need to perform to help your brain see this action as 'SAFE' again. We refer to this process as 'CLEARING A LAYER'. We'll clear multiple layers throughout your session(s) with us. It's quite common to experience a difference within the first 60 minute session.


Shoulder Pain - Unblocking the Neural Signal

4. ENJOY Improved Movement

We want you to out of pain and/or performing close to your best ASAP. We don't want you having to come back to see us indefinitely. The four session Square 1™ package is recommended for most people. While 80% of clients DO see improvements in under 4 sessions, the speed of results will be different for every individual and their circumstances.

man have injury a back pain after workou




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  • What makes Square 1™ unique?
    Square 1™ utilises a brain based approach to uncover the root causes behind pain and restricted movement, while the majority of well intended therapists use a tissue based approach which focuses more on the muscles. In reality, it is actually the brain that is in charge of our experience of pain and our movement limitations. The brain makes a decision first, THEN the muscles respond to that neurological input. Square 1™ has discovered the brains' maps for our 2 rudimentary movement patterns. These maps contain the specific details of how over 216 joint positions serve as the building blocks of getting upright and moving. These patterns are the foundation of more advanced movements like throwing, hopping, using a fork, sitting and typing on a keyboard, and executing amazing gymnastics maneuvers. If the rudimentary patterns are of high quality, pain-free movement is almost a certainty. If the rudimentary patterns are of low quality, pain is very likely. Our nervous system has to compensate on a daily basis, but sometimes our behaviours or unfortunate circumstances can cause us to over compensate. This leads to load intolerant joint actions which then result in restricted movement, injury and/or chronic pain. Square 1™ allows us to reopen blocked neurological pathways and improve a joints' ability to tolerate load again. This reduces movement compensation. Reduced compensation promotes healing, accelerates recovery, increases strength, mobility, reaction times, all around athleticism and most importantly allows for pain free movement.
  • What happens in a session?
    Square 1™ sessions are performed on a massage table, however it is NOT massage therapy. The system utilises neuro-response testing, which will be explained to you at the beginning of your first session. The testing and interventions used are non invasive, but will require you to perform specific movements both on and off the table.
  • How many sessions will I need in order to start feeling better?
    Although many people experience significant pain reduction and performance improvements within 4 sessions, this will be different for each individual. My sole focus is on helping you reduce your pain and improve your performance as fast as possible. I'll be doing my best to achieve that from your very first session.
  • If this is so good how come I haven't heard of it?
    The Square 1™ system I use is a new concept that, while founded on science is also AHEAD of the current research and practices (a bold claim but a true one). On average it tends to take 13 years for a scientific concept to be accepted and widespread once the research has been conducted. This system is currently in its infancy and as such, many people will not have heard of or even know how to classify the techniques used at this moment in time. As the first person in the world to bring this to the UK, I can say with confidence that I expect this to change in the future.
  • Where do the sessions take place?
    Home/office visits local to Slough are currently available.
  • What should I wear?
    Sports wear is the best option but non restrictive clothes that you can move around in are also fine. Shorts, lycra or tracksuit bottoms are recommended. In most cases I can work more efficiently if your shoes are off, so please also make sure you wear socks for hygiene purposes.


Enhance the way your brain handles movement.

Reduce your pain and optimize your performance.


Book A Call With Us

Select a time slot at your convenience to book your initial call with us. Next, you will be redirected to fill out a short consultation form so we can prepare for the conversation and make sure our time is used effectively.


Let's Talk

We'll discuss your current issues and help you figure out if Square 1 is the best option for you right now. In some cases I will recommend you see your doctor or a physiotherapist first. This will depend on your current situation. 


Experience Square 1

If we agree Square 1 can help you, we'll book you in for your first session. You'll benefit from some of the most advanced science in THE WORLD to date. We'll be doing our best to help you improve from your very first appointment.

Please Note: Square 1 works most effectively when you are able to move on and off the massage table throughout the session to test different movements. However, if you are unable to do this, you will be provided with an alternative option we will explain on the day of your session.

Retrain Your Brain. Maximise Your Potential...

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